Milk Cooling Technology

Ice Bank

Introducing the Packo Ice Bank, your best asset when it comes to easily complying with new MPI milk cooling regulations. The Packo Ice Bank is the result of many years of experience in cooling for the dairy and food industry.

Milk Tank

Maintain milk quality with an ice water cooled horizontal milk tank. Ice water is used to cool the milk in the insulated horizontal tank without any risk of freezing the milk thanks to an ice water temperature of 0.5-1°C.

Tubular Cooler

The Packo tubular cooler is the best solution for pre-cooling the milk. The milk is pre-cooled rapidly with well water to a temperature of about 20 °C. This can lead to an energy saving of up to 50 % when cooling further down to 4°C.


The latest milk vat Control Panels ensure your milk is well looked after with optional Cloud based logging and alarm solutions. Our EVD panels are a great retrofit option to enhance the faster cooling of your milk in the vat.


About Dairy Cooling Solutions

Dairy Cooling Solutions, a division of Eurotec was established to supply solutions to the Dairy Sectors milk cooling technology challenges, improving efficiency and milk quality on the farm.

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DCS preserves and protects your milk and increases your profit.

Cameron Berry – East Waikato

"Centigrade worked very well installing the PIB and explaining every step in detail. Before it was installed, milk entered the vat at 17-18 °C, now it's at 2.9 °C. I believe this will give us a huge relief towards tanker collection. A big thank you!"

Check out the article about DCS in the NZ Dairy Exporter:

Unit Installed: Packo Ice Builder (PIB) Milk Temperature exiting the tank: 2.9°C