Dairy Cooling Solutions Fullwood Packo Ice Banks For On Farm Milk Cooling

It's been busy at our main warehouse in Auckland with Kelly Larritt delivering 4 Ice banks to farmers in the last week. We took delivery of our latest shipment of 3 full 40 ft container loads from the factory and trying to turn them around as quickly as possible to the eager farmers who are experiencing warmer spring weather conditions.

The Fullwood Packo Ice banks are able to manage small herds from 20 to 30 cows up to over 2000 . The result in all cases is similar with very cold milk at low as 1.5 C entering the storage tank due to constant supply of ice cold water just about the triple point of water.

Don't hesitate to get in touch about a no obligation assessment of your milk cooling heading into what looks set to be a warm and dry New Zealand summer . Chances are one the farms nearby has one installed and we can show you the simple and reliable technology in action. Head to our Contact Page to get in touch or just give us a call onĀ 0800101499.

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