Why DCS?

Why a DCS Milk Cooling System is the Best Investment for Your Farm

European Design and Quality

Packo have over 50 years of experience as one of Europe’s leading Dairy Cooling Systems producers. From Mexico to Japan, to Russia, South Africa, and right here in Australia and New Zealand, DCS satisfies the needs of farmers around the globe.

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks with Iced Water Cooling

DCS’s systems are 50% more effective in cooling milk compared to standard direct expansion systems, with no risk of freezing milk at a water temperature of +0.5 > 1.0degC.

Highly Suitable for Automatic Milking Systems

Our cooling solutions are perfect for AMS (Robotic Farming Systems) with low milk flows. There’s no risk of freezing milk.

Save Water and Energy with Packo Ice Builders (PIB’s)

Thanks to the ice energy store build-up during night-time hours, a smaller refrigeration unit can be installed to assist in energy saving. This is in addition to the potential savings of off-peak power rates.

Bore water pre-cooling is not necessary with the correctly sized PIB. This is ideal for drought-prone regions or where water supplies are restricted.

Improved Milk Quality with Snap Chilling

Protect your product with the right system and benefit from a potentially higher return, adding profits to your farm.

For 30 Years Eurotec has been Supplying the NZ Refrigeration Industry with Leading Global Brands

DCS is the only New Zealand supplier of this technology. We provide nationwide coverage and After Sales Support with branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. DCS has over 30 approved refrigeration installers, throughout the country, from Invercargill to Whangarei.

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"Centigrade worked very well installing the PIB and explaining every step in detail. Before it was installed, milk entered the vat at 17-18 °C, now it's at 2.9 °C. I believe this will give us a huge relief towards tanker collection. A big thank you!"

Check out the article about DCS in the NZ Dairy Exporter:

Unit Installed: Packo Ice Builder (PIB) Milk Temperature exiting the tank: 2.9°C