First DCS/Packo Ice Builder install in South Canterbury – Milk enters the vat at +2.5degC!

Andy Turner from ATR Refrigeration in Timaru has just commissioned his first Packo Ice Builder (PIB 120) for his farmer client at Lundey Farms in Pleasant Point, South Cantebury.
It took just 3 hrs overnight to build a full load of ice ready for milking this morning. A very happy Andy stands proudly alongside his latest project and needless to say a very happy farmer with milk entering the vat at +2.5degC. The Lundey farm is currently milking 450 cows but this will soon be increasing to 700! The PIB 120 ice builder has the capacity to handle all 700 cows.

More pictures and content to come from this installation and ATR Refrigeration's next install - the second largest PIB available and our largest sold to date, the PIB 230 later this week.

More Photos of a very tidy install of the PIB120 by ATR Refrigeration. Nice work guys!  Since the milk enters the vat at +2.5degC the Vat refrigeration plant does not even run!




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