Packo Inox Diksmuide expands the production area

packoinoxPacko Inox Diksmuide is expanding its production space with 1,440 square meters. The expansion will also include a training center and new laboratory to further develop new centrifugal pumps. The company invests a million Euro in its expansion.

"The production space should be ready by the summer of next year, the lab and training center is planned by the end of next year and the expansion of the assembly lines, where now the old laboratory is situated, is scheduled for early 2016," says plant manager Danny Maenhout. "Our own laboratory and training center is not only unique within Packo but also for Flanders. We use highly specialized computer simulations for the development of new products. This allows us to put new products faster into the market. In the training center, we will organize training on the assembly of our products, measuring, testing and practical information about our range. This center will be open to customers and employees. We currently have 116 permanent employees and 17 temporary employees. For the laboratory and training center we will work with our existing group of engineers which was recently expanded. "Packo Inox Diksmuide was founded in 1974. It is engaged in the production of stainless steel sanitary parts for the dairy and food industry, manufacturer of stainless steel centrifugal pumps and provider of various specialized surface treatments for stainless steel.

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