Pre-Cool With the Tubular Cooler

Robotic Farm Solution using PACKO PIB, Tubular Coolers & Horizontal Tank


The Packo tubular cooler is the best solution for pre-cooling the milk! The milk is pre-cooled very rapidly with well water to a temperature of about 20 °C. This can lead to an energy saving of up to 50 % when cooling further down to 4 °C.

Your advantages:
• Free (!) heating of water from milk
• Considerable savings when using well or mains water as pre-cooling
• Easy cleaning, together with the milking machine
• Instant milk cooling slows bacterial growth
• Low blend temperature during subsequent milkings, less chance of
bacterial growth
• No seals, the milk is only in contact with stainless steel, avoiding pollution
or contamination
• Seamless stainless steel tube-in-tube system, no contamination possible

• Perfect for use where there are lower volumes of milk such as via milking robots
• Possible subventions for environment friendly solution
• Smaller cooling unit possible, meaning a smaller investment
• Short return on investment (only a few years)
• Suitable for well water
• Very long life expectancy
• No maintenance costs

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